Psyche & Eros Return Home for the Holidays

img_2944-smallThe mythological Psyche and Eros is back home in time for the holidays! During their 1903 and 1909 tours of Egypt and Europe, the Campbell family shipped a case of alabaster and a case of marble sculptures back to Spokane. Photographs of their home library in 1910 include a marble statue, “Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Eros,” likely from one of these shipments.
For years the statue has graced the Campbell House Library, resting on its green marble stand. However, the statue’s wings were broken and poorly repaired more than 30 years ago, and the overall surface needed cleaning.
 We’re sure that the Campbell family would be delighted to see their alabaster sculpture looking clean and whole again.
Special thanks:
Project funding:  Karen Sonneborn and Diane DeFelice
Volunteer conservator Cathy Tully:  plans, reports, and conservator search
Conservator Linda Roundhill (Woodinville, WA):  sculpture cleaning, repair & documentation
Collections Curator Val Wahl:  shipping arrangements & conservation supervision
Registrar Brooke Wagner:  in-house photography
Exhibit Preparator (and other MAC staff & staff families): transportation and labor

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